Our Impact

Kingswood Arts ran 'Our House', a community listening project, between April and September 2023.

We ran 25 free arts workshops, events and meetings aimed at local groups for people of all ages. The activities enabled Kingswood Arts to consult with the local community to find out who their audience is, what challenges they face and what they’d like to see and do at the venue. Local people told us their priorities and ideas for the future on how Kingswood Arts can best serve them going forwards.

The aims of the consultation were:

● To meet and listen to the community through fun and engaging creative activities

● To understand the best ways to reach local groups

● To co-design a future programme of activity based on the wants and needs of the community

● To further develop Kingswood Arts’ overarching Vision and Mission

The activities in the project included:

● Process Led Art workshops for Parents & Early years children aged 0-4 (4 sessions)

● Art workshops for Year 5 children from Dulwich Wood Primary School (4 sessions)

● Art & Craft workshops for older people aged 60+ (4 sessions)

● Filmmaking workshops for Kingsdale Secondary School students (4 sessions)

● Music recording workshops for NEET young people aged 16-30 (4 workshops)

● 2 x Family fun days in April & July

● 2 x Artist Gatherings

● A dinner for steering group members to share ideas

The video below gives you an insight into how this project worked and the impact it had on those who joined in! We hope that with funding we can bring more of these projects to Kingswood Arts and our community here.

Documentary Created by 

Anna Lily Howell- Instagram: @annalilyphoto

Janice Andrea Quinonez- Instagram: @Janiceandreaq

Fatima Yasmin- Instagram: @fyasminhye 

Since our formation in 2022 Kingswood Arts are grateful for the support from: